PSAI Advanced Nitrox Manual  


The PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver Manual is written for those divers who training to utilize enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 100% by volume (EAN22 to Oxygen) in their diving activities, including stage decompression procedures.


127 pages




  • Nitrox Defined and the Benefits of Nitrox for Technical Divers
  • The Physiological Concerns of Using Nitrox
  • The Physics and Math of Nitrox for Technical Diving
  • Decompression Diving Fundamentals
  • The Equivalent Air Depth Concept
  • Nitrox and the Use of Dive Tables
  • Nitrox Compatible Equipment for Technical Diving
  • Cylinder Labeling
  • Gas Analysis
  • Advanced Nitrox Safety Review

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