PSAI Announces a New Training Program:
Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Technique
PSAI ABC Program™


The PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Technique Program (PSAI ABC Program™) is unlike any other program offered by other diver training agencies. It is a program which is advantageous to the beginning diver, the experienced technical diver, and dive professionals. Just a few of the major benefits of becoming certified as a PSAI ABC Program™ Diver include:   
•    Your diving will become more effortless a fun.
•    You will become more efficient when moving through the water column.
•    Your Surface Consumption Rate (SCR) should decrease – giving your more gas, more time, and a greater margin of safety.
•    You will become an ecologically-minded diver with the skills to preserve and protect the diving environment.
•    Your awareness in all key areas will improve.
•    Your equipment configuration will be both effective and streamlined.
•    You will be solid in the PSAI Fundamental-5 Skills

As this program was in the developmental stage, PSAI International Training Director   – Steve Chan, PSAI Country Licensee – Sung Nak-Hoon, and PSAI Instructor Trainer – Gallup Lee have been teaching the pilot PSAI ABC Program™ throughout Asia to both divers and instructors. The feedback was phenomenal, with people from other agencies taking notice of the exceptional control these PSAI ABC Program™ certified divers and instructors exhibited. They truly stood out as extraordinary!

After years of development the PSAI ABC Program™ is now ready for divers and PSAI Instructors worldwide to take advantage of, as well as the many other progressive quality dive training programs offered through PSAI.

Contact your nearest PSAI Country Office or PSAI Global Headquarters for further information.


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