DiveWell Scuba Coach Bring PSAI To Northern Virginia

Dr. Jefferey Charlston, PSAI I-759


Before our official opening on August 1, DeeAnna Spivey, PSAI I-758, and I invited our diving friends and former students to join us in a series of debuts and shakedowns.  These gave us a chance to introduce local divers to our services and the range of PSAI instructional programs, and to celebrate our opening with some of North Carolina’s world-class wreck diving.


LakeRawlings, south of Petersburg, VA, features a confined water area, warm water, and maximum depths in the 60 foot range.  Perfect for Open Water instruction and skills reviews, the former quarry also offers good practice for wreck diving, which it provided us on June 27th.


July 18th found us closer to home, in Millbrook Quarry just west of Manassas, VA.


The diver below, an aspiring Dive Master, used its low visibility to practice her navigation skills.  As it turned out, this was a wise precaution.


The weather and wrecks off Beaufort, NC, on July 26-27 gave everyone a chance to apply their freshly-honed skills.  Confused seas kept the charter boats inshore both days, and occasionally gave divers in the pilothouse a chance to check the water temperature.


Luckily even shallow inshore wrecks like the Indra, an artificial reef in 60 feet of water, hold plenty of appeal.


After a “bad” day of diving like that there was only one thing to do- head right back the next morning.



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